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In the romantic comedy The Ten Year Plan, city lawyer Myles (Jack Turner) despite good intentions is a little forward with his dates, and often scares off would be suitors. Best friend Policeman Brody (Michael Adam Hamilton) is enjoying sexual relationships that are unattached and has no plans of settling down.  When Myles’ latest date flees the restaurant before the first course arrives, Brody comes to the rescue in time for Death By Chocolate.  Both twenty five, Brody proposes that in ten years time, if neither has found a significant other, the two will become partners for life and a contract is drawn up on a restaurant napkin.

Nine years ten months later, Myles is serving appetisers and preparing his date’s favourite meal to a reluctant recipient.  Despite sourcing the main course recipe from the date’s mother, he announces that the relationship is going too fast, despite only dating for the last month and seeing one another once a week for dinner and sex.  Brody continuing to enjoy life unattached takes Myles out to a West Hollywood Go Go bar to improve his technique.  Follow a series of unsuccessful coffee dates, Brody sets Myles up on Grindr who then ventures off, for his first hook up with user name ‘Hunter’ (Adam Bucci).  With the ten year date looming, Brody also accidentally hooks up with Hunter, will he come clean to his best friend and honour the looming pact?

The 10 Year Plan


“Frothy and fun.”
   Echo Mag

“Who doesn’t enjoy an entertaining Rom-Com every now and then?”
   Mamba Online

“Calciano also proves that you don’t need raunch or vulgarity to be funny or interesting.”
   The M Report

Did You Know?

The script for The Ten Year Plan was inspired by close friends of Director J.C. Calciano who made a deal that if they were alone at 35 they would become a couple.  Both friends went to Calciano individually and admitted that they loved one another as friends but were unsure if they could be romantically involved. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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