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Dean Seagrave (David Sutcliffe) a Los Angeles based graphic-novel artist is in love with new Latin boyfriend Pablo Alasandro (Antonio Sabato, Jr.).  Following an intimate evening together, Pablo goes out to buy cigarettes but fails to return.  Rather than focusing on the follow-up to his successful graphic novel “I was a Teenage Speed Freak,” a distraught Dean becomes obsessed with finding his missing lover.   Following a frightening encounter with Pablo’s mother (Sonia Braga) who informs Dean that Pablo has returned home, his search leads him to Argentina.

Despite being in a foreign land and unable to speak the language in Buenos Aires, Dean meets waitress Sofia (Celine Font) and her flirtatious brother Marcos (Leonardo Brzezicki) a childhood friend and former lover of Pablo’s.  Marcos was supposed to kill Dean but falls in love with him instead.  Dean discovers that Pablo is from a powerful wealthy family and when Pablo’s mother returns to her home in Buenos Aires the truths begin to be uncovered in the black comedy film noir plot of revenue Testosterone.



“Surprise after surprise follows in this increasingly dark comedy, which is loaded with sharp observations and exceptionally complex characterizations.”
   Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“The cinematography is lush and very European, many images reminiscent of Bertolucci and Truffaut.”

Did You Know?

David Moreton and Dennis Hensley’s screen adaption of James Robert Baker’s novel ‘Testosterone‘ removed Pablo’s parting gift to Dean of an HIV infection before he disappeared.  Testosterone is David Moreton’s second feature film following his director debut of ‘Edge of Seventeen’. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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