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Taxi zum Klo follows the day-to-day schedule of a German schoolteacher Frank Ripploh (Frank Ripploh) in a semi-documentary style. The camera follows Frank through his life, whether showing him at work as a grade-school instructor or when he is seeking out public restrooms and gay bars in seedy areas of the city in which to have casual, anonymous gay encounters. Frank does so despite being in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend, a movie theater usher, Bernd (Bernd Broaderup), and he questions his ability to be monogamous with Bernd throughout the film.

Their relationship takes on the dynamic of unfaithful husband on Frank’s part and doting wife on Bernd’s; their marriage-like bond struggles to remain unbroken. Frank’s promiscuous and riotous excursions lead him, at one point, to a drag ball whose revelry carries on into the wee hours of the night and cause him to be late to work one day, resulting in the termination of his job at the school as he shows up decked out in drag. Shortly after, he comes down with hepatitis and does a stint at the hospital (after which, once he is discharged, he nonetheless indulges a craving to go out and have anonymous sex once more). Gay sex in its many varieties defines the movie, whether through anal, mutual fellatio, or even a ‘golden shower’ shot in graphic detail. Frank’s sexual adventurousness is shown in all its intimacy.

Taxi Zum Klo




“Touching portrait of a German homosexual schoolteacher and his circle of friends and lovers.”
   The New York Times

“Ripploh reveals himself fearlessly”
   Roger Ebert

“It is a film that was light-years ahead of its time; even now it is hard to imagine Hollywood financing such a project.”
   Best For Film

Did You Know?

Taxi zum Klo portrays the Berlin homosexual circuit at the time of its release, during the pre-AIDS scare era. It is considered a classic in the genre of queer cinema, and is a semi-autobiographical account of director-actor Frank Ripploh’s personal experience as a gay German youth. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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