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Tan Lines is set on the fringes of Sydney, Australia, in a tiny skirting town and follows the sexual and life experiences of a young teen named Midget Hollow (Jack Baxter). Never having met his now-absent father, Midget is a laid-back, curious sixteen-year old who lives with his mother and enjoys hanging out with his best friend, Dan Masters (Jed Clarke). The boy is hired by the perverse, eccentric Miss McQuillan (Theresa Komapra) and her floozy niece, Alice (Lucy Minter) to occasionally help out with gardening. When Dan introduces him to his openly gay brother, Cass (Daniel O’Leary), Midget finds himself questioning his sexuality and trying to blatantly embrace his newfound desires. After trekking overseas for over four years, Cass eventually reveals to Midget that the reason he left home was in fact due to being chastised and disowned by his parents for being gay.

After learning about Cass’ homosexual affair with a 30-year-old teacher, Midget grows closer and closer to his new friend. The two bond over their shared interest for travel and become involved in a rich, adventurous romantic relationship. The film delves into topics like homosexual alienation, eroticism and escapism and focuses on the love story between Midget and Cass, as well as how they evolve over time both mentally and emotionally.

Tan Lines




Tan Lines mixes up the teenage coming-out formula with typical Aussie humor, sexy/romantic elements and absurdist fillips.”

“Presents us with a relatable group of characters without too much pretension or affectation, elevated by a remarkably mature performance from Jack Baxter as Midget.”
The Digital Fix

“It inspires other filmmakers to make films even when they are getting knocked back for funding.”
Troopers Film Reviews

Did You Know?

Tan Lines director, Ed Aldridge, wanted to make sure that the characters were cast according to the lead actor’s preferences. In this sense, Aldridge selected Baxter’s real-life friends to play Midget’s companions in order to build up trust between the cast members and encourage a candid, authentic relationship between the men both off and on-screen. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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