Gay Essential Films To Watch, Suicide Room (Sala Samobójców)

In Suicide Room, Dominik Santorski (Jakub Gierszał) is a teenager who seemed to have everything that matters to the young: good grades at school, money to buy the best branded clothing, tons of friends and the hottest girl in school. All of that changes for him following a series of embarrassing incidents that his friends capture on video and share on social media websites. His humiliation and victimisation at the hand of bullying is extended when one encounter suggests his interest in boys is more than just a party prank. Shutting himself off from the rest of the world, Dominic is then drawn into the virtual reality chat room world of the Suicide Room, a hangout where group members watch films that depict people self-harming themselves. It is in this virtual word that he meets Sylwia (Roma Gąsiorowska) with whom he develops a strong bond of friendship.

Dominik withdraws increasingly from the real world and shuts himself more and more into the darkness of the virtual world, for days at a time. His career-driven parents are inadequately able to understand or help him, even after an embarrassing incident at the opera house where an angry Dominik tells his parents he is gay and makes out with male busts in the lobby. Things come to a head when Sylwia asks him to get pills for her which he does with far reaching consequences.

The Suicide Room does not apologise for its heavy, dark and disturbing themes. Instead what is offered is a spotlight on the real damaging effects of bullying as well as offering an insightful view into millennial youth culture.

Suicide Room




“It takes an emotional toll on some. That being said, Komasa has the kind of guts and ambition we need in cinema today.”
   Cinema Without Boarders

“A disturbing and occasionally powerful look at youths with suicidal tendencies through the off/online realms that they inhabit. ”

Suicide Room is stark, haunting and even beautiful at times in its unavoidable damnation of its central character.”

Did You Know?

When Suicide Room was first released in cinemas in Poland, it held the number one movie spot for three weeks. The film includes names of a few real life teenagers who committed suicide which can be found in the Facebook sequences. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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