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The film Strawberry & Chocolate is set in Havana, Cuba in 1979. David (Vladimir Cruz) is a university student and communist who meets Diego (Jorge Perugorría), a gay artist who is unhappy with the Castro regime.

After David’s girlfriend leaves him for another man, he meets Diego, for the first time, in a park. David is convinced that Diego is gay because he is eating strawberry ice cream, when chocolate flavour is available. He is also not impressed by Diego’s criticism of Castro’s regime, particularly the persecution of homosexuals. He takes up the invitation to visit Diego’s apartment, however, even when he realises that Diego’s intention is to seduce him.

One of David’s classmates is the homophobic Miguel (Francisco Gattorno) urges David to spy on Diego as he believes Diego is dangerous to the communist cause and intends to pass information to the government. As David spends more time with Diego, he becomes intrigued by him and enjoys his company. He also has his eye on Diego’s neighbour, the sexy Nancy (Mirta Ibarra).

Strawberry and Chocolate




“The film is a thoughtful, sensual pleasure.”
   The Guardian  

“A Flirtation Across the Borders of Cuban Ideology.”
   The New York Times

Strawberry & Chocolate is not a movie about the seduction of a body, but about the seduction of a mind.”
   Roger Ebert

Did You Know?

Strawberry & Chocolate is the only Cuban film to be nominated for an Oscar.  The film was based on the short story The Wolf, The Forest and the New Man written by Senel Paz in 1990. Senel Paz also wrote the screenplay for the film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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