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Strapped follows a night in the life of attractive Hustler (Ben Bonenfant).  Strapped shows what was originally intended as a routine trick at a man’s apartment taking the hustler on a life changing journey when he becomes lost in the maze-like building as he is attempting to leave.

Handsome outwardly and with an attractive personality, the Hustler’s intentions are just to make money, one man at a time. However he begins to see himself differently as he tries to leave the apartment building in which he is lost.

Having had an unexpectedly tender session with his client, his evening leads him into a series of meetings, all with men who are willing to pay him for a sexual encounter: one with a ‘straight’ man who has his own issues; a queen who is cocaine fuelled but believes he knows the hustler; an older man and a lonely young man. Amongst the sexual encounters there is also much emotion for all the participants including the hustler. He gives each of his clients a different name and steals something from each apartment. The theme of the film is a look at one young man’s journey to understanding.





“A Dreamlike Tale of a Gay Hustler.”
   The New York Time

Strapped is an emotional journey through both an apartment complex and a young man’s self-realization. It is mentally demanding, occasionally sad, and really something to treasure.”

Did You Know?

Strapped was written by its director Joseph Graham and it was his feature film debut as a director.   Ben Bonenfant who portrayed the Hustler in the film, although a trained actor, had only appeared in one silent short film before, so this too was his feature film debut. Strapped was shot in only 12 nights. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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