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In Steel, Daniel Krueger (Chad Connell) is the successful talk show host of the ratings hit Krueger Show.  When the production company begins making preparations for a live interview, and guaranteed ratings hit with an arms dealer, the preshow stress ignites a series of panic attacks that see the protagonist retreating into his apartment.  While out celebrating the forthcoming show with the show’s producer Barb (Tamara Gorski), Daniel offers angelic Alexander a drink before swiftly departing as a panic attack sets in.

While on set during the interview with ‘defense contractor’ Ned Watson (John B. Lowe), Daniel begins to shake uncontrollably and walks off the set, and retreats to his apartment. Furious that he is unable to cope with reality, he goes back to the bar where he encounters once more the 19 year old Eros, Alexander (David Cameron). Resisting temptation and holed up in his apartment, Daniel rejects the cries of help from the shows production crew, surviving on home delivery services. Alexander suddenly appears for a visit, slips past Daniel at his front door, and insists on making dinner with the last three ingredients in the kitchen. Ignoring the pleas from Daniel to leave the apartment, Alexander embarks on a crusade to nurse Daniel back to his former confident self, while helping Daniel to confront his tragic past.





“The charismatic Chad Connell is absolutely magnetic”

Steel is the epitome of a guilty pleasure”
Entertainment Focus

Did You Know?

The script of Steel was inspired by the director’s network of friends, well educated professionals that voiced anxiety in copying with their professional and personal lives.  Director Sven J. Matten wrote Steel to explore the importance of our existence. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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