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Three young artists share a home together in New York City. The group includes a middle-eastern American performance artist (Robbie Gottlieb), a talented gay filmmaker (Dino Petrera) and a trans opera singer (Catiriana Reyes). The former gives a heartbreaking live performance, describing memories of when he was younger, shortly after 9/11 happened. He also reminisces about his childhood and gives intimate details on how his life has been impacted by others’ prejudice and judgment. After the performance, a boy who is majoring in painting asks him out for coffee, but he is turned down.

However, the trio’s filmmaker is gay and out of the closet. He tries to hide his interest, but likes his roommate more than as a friend and quickly becomes jealous of any of the artist’s fans or new romantic interests. Meanwhile, the opera singer also spends time as a DJ and tries to earn money in any way possible. Although the three friends enjoy each other’s company, living in a tiny and crammed studio apartment is no easy task, and their mornings are fairly tedious and difficult. They save up, cut down on day-to-day pleasures and even resort to stealing to be given a chance at fame and a new, glamorous life. Although they work hard to survive each day, they risk losing everything in the hustle and bustle of NYC.




“All three leads bring something impressive to the table, but Dino Petrera just about steals the show as well as the prize for the best wardrobe.”

Did You Know?

The motion picture is one of Todd Verow’s classic guerrilla films that is centered on the less flashy and alluring reality of city life. The director describes his style of filmmaking as “dirty cinematography” and has stated that his goal is to demystify the “pretty”, ideal or glossy aspects of common cinema. Squirrels is no exception, with its gritty storytelling. Verow also claims that queer films should be about more than putting LGBT characters on screen and advocates for constantly experimenting with form and new narrative mediums. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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