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Space Station 76 is a dark comedy that examines the interchange deceptively idyllic personalities on board a refuelling satellite station in space where the closeted space is challenging environment for those who have to cope in it.

At the helm of the bizarre environment is Captain Glenn (Patrick Wilson) whose inability to come to terms with his homosexuality brought about the break up with former co-pilot Daniel (Matthew Morrison), and his subsequent alcoholism and depression. He is in constant conflict with his subordinates. Jessica (Liv Tyler) arrives at Space Station 76 to replace Daniel to find a base station where it is a challenge to form meaningful connections with people and where she is made to feel unwelcome. Unhappily married Misty (Marisa Coughlan), the station’s nutritionist finds Jessica’s presence threatening as she builds a warm relationship with Sunshine (Kylie Rogers) and Ted (Matt Bomer), Misty’s daughter and husband. Her arrival and presence puts her at odds with Glenn who misses Daniel.

The stress of being closeted in a confined space and their internal issues of isolation, infidelity, depression and loneliness plays out in the personalities of those on board a station a long distance away from earth.

Space Station 76


Space Station 76 earns high marks for being able to perfectly recreate the props and  sets of the era it mocks, with credit due to Seth Reed’s production design and the costume designs of Sarah Brown and Sandra Burns.”
   James Rocchi, The Wrap

“Like Wet Hot American Summer, Space Station 76 works from the details out, using CGI to simulate old-school miniature effects and filling the station with 1970s-era relics, from glass sculptures to waterbeds.”
   Keith Phipps, The Dissolve

Did You Know?

Space Station 76 is Plotnick’s first directorial debut film. He co-wrote the screenplay along with Jennifer Elise Cox and Sam Pancake.  Advancements in CGI technology was used to spectacularly recreate the film’s retro-style graphics and special effects. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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