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Southern Comfort is an affecting documentary that depicts the life of a female to male transsexual, Robert Eads (as himself) and his defiant battle to the end with ovarian cancer. Only his battle lacked one critical factor – medical treatment. About two dozen doctors were unwilling to take on Robert as a patient, fearing that doing so would jeopardise their reputations. When he did ultimately manage to receive medical help, it proved too late to save his life as the cancer had progressed to an advanced stage.

The film, tracing the last year of Robert’s life, portrays his struggles with honesty and keeping intact his dignity. It is spring and he has found love with Lola, also a transsexual (male to female), with whom he makes a life. He is proud of his two families that consist of his biological sons, grandson and parents; and his adopted family of two female-to-male transsexual sons.

One of Robert’s dreams to come true was to attend the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta, a conference with the reputation of being a prominent transgender forum. Despite being ill, Robert agrees to be a speaker on trans-to-trans relationships, addressing a crowd numbering 500 strong.  Robert dies soon after in a nursing home surrounded by those he loved.

Southern Comfort


“The film defuses all preconceptions about the ”issues” of transsexual identity to arrive at a place of tremulous human power.”
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“Less grim than it sounds, Southern Comfort ends on a note of triumph for its endearing, gender-bending hero.”
   Lou Lumenick, New York Post

“Eads’s wit, generosity, insight, and courage are irresistible.”
   Amy Taubin, Village Voice

Did You Know?

Southern Comfort is the first documentary film to portray a trans-to-trans love story. Davis, although primarily a director and editor, with little to no filming experience she single-handedly filmed the documentary on a DV camera. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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