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The plot is set in 1970s Greenwich Village in Manhattan, one and a half years after the impulsive street demonstrations known as the Stonewall riots brought the LGBT community national exposure. Although homosexuality has become more familiar to the common citizen, prejudice and hatred is still very much present in Manhattan. The patrons of a local bar named Blue Jay – a group of straight women and gay men – are celebrating Christmas Eve. There are no secrets or untold stories at Blue Jay, as the drama and hectic lives of the staff members and clientele are the highlights of the evening.

Managed by Louis Barone (Larry Reed), a second-string mobster, the bar is a temporary home for three women, Sadie (Sylvia Syms), Helen (Fannie Flagg) and Lita Joyce (Rue McClanahan), as well as several gay men, Michel Mireaux (Uva Harden), Tanny (Tom Bade) and Kenny (Paul Blake). Louis lends money to some of regulars, but cannot seem to stand the run-of-the-mill Leo (Jeff David), an Italian homosexual who’s constantly looking for newbies to pick up. The bar is a safe space for storytelling and fun, as long as the manager keeps bribing Pete Thomas (Allan Dellay), the policeman who wants to raid it.

Some Of My Best Friends Are


“Fannie Flagg gets kudos for her highly engaging performance as a snarky lady who never seems at a loss for words or verbal comeback.”

“There’s violence, abuse, betrayal, back-stabbing etc.  And as much as I’d like to say times have changed, I don’t think they really have.  People can put on a pretty exterior but inside they don’t have windmills in their minds, they have cesspools.”
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“Christmas carols, frottage, hysterics and the exchanging of tearful confidences.”
   The New York Times

Did You Know?

Some Of My Best Friends Are featured many actors and actresses who would gain significant fame later in their careers including Rue McClanahan (The Golden Girls), Gary Sandy (WKRP  in Cincinnati) and Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers). Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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