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Solo begins with the sensitive furniture designer Manuel (Patricio Ramos) meeting Julio (Mario Varón), a mysterious and rougher-edged man, on an internet chatroom. They decide to meet in person. While they both have emotional baggage and are hesitant to trust people, they have an instant connection. Julio comes to Manuel’s apartment, and even though both say beforehand that they aren’t interested in sex outside of a relationship at this point, their chemistry is too strong and they have sex anyway.

The film is set over the course of a single night in Manuel’s apartment. Their attraction to each other is more than just sexual, and they start to open up to each other emotionally as well. Manuel has recently come out of a bad relationship, and starts to tell Julio about it. However, flashbacks about Manuel’s relationship with his ex, Horacio (Carlos Echevarría), start to contradict the things he’s telling Julio. Meanwhile, Julio starts to reveal that he has a temper, and also starts to seem a little too interested in Manuel’s money.

The strength of the initial connection between the two men leads them to start making plans to run away together the next day, but as the night wears on, Manuel starts having second thoughts and questioning his decision to let a stranger into his home. The film’s conclusion, though, reveals that it’s in fact Julio who should have been concerned about whose home to went into, as Manuel goes into a rage.





“I don’t remember the last time I was this turned on and this disturbed by a movie.”

“I’d recommend Solo as a film worth watching for those of you who want in on a mental thriller.”
   Renowned For Sound

Solo has enough twists and turns to keep you hooked in, good central performances and does a great job of creating an entertaining thriller on a very low budget.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

Did You Know?

Solo is the first film by director Marcelo Briem Stamm. After working on a few other films, he wanted to make his own, and decided to create one with a very small cast and limited set to make it easier to make quickly. With that restriction, he was able to come up with the story and write the script very quickly. He cast Mario Varón after working with him on the short film “Sexual Tension,” and contacted Patricio Ramos after seeing him in a play. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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