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David (Jonny Labey) is a 22-year old dancer who seems to have life all figured out. He is about to leave Liverpool to move to London after being accepted into one of the most prestigious dance schools in the country but a secret is casting a shadow on his happiness. This secret is his sister’s husband Jules (Daniel Brocklebank), who David has been sleeping with for 2 years. Jules refuses to identify as gay and whilst he can’t deny his desire for David, he is not willing to end his marriage with Jane (Suzanne Collins).

After yet another argument about Jules’ true intentions and his inability to admit to his feelings, David is going on a night out when he meets Sam (Craig Stein). They spent the night together and David welcomes the distraction but can barely remember anything from the night. Their chance-encounter quickly turns into something more serious and jealousy rears its ugly head for Jules. When David receives some devastating news from his doctor and Jane insists on meeting Sam, Jules and David are forced to come clean to their loved ones, destroying lives and families along the way.

Soft Lad is showing how HIV and being unsafe affects everyone you surround yourself with and not just you. It is a coming-of-age story that deals with lust, desire, betrayal and the question of how much we are willing to sacrifice to be who we really are and to be with the one we love.

Soft Lad




“One of the year’s best British gay feature films”

“Suzanne Collins’ portrayal of a perfect, wag-like working mum is marvellous.”
   I Love Manchester

“With regards to Leon Lopez I quite simply say watch this space. There’s more to come and I for one cannot wait.”
   Gay Leeds

Did You Know?

The expression “Soft Lad” comes from the scouse dialect of Liverpool. It describes someone as being slow-witted. In the film, Sam and Jane call David a soft lad on different occasions, referring to his young age and naiveté. Through previous work Lopez got to know many people living with HIV and found that there is still a great need to educate people about the illness, which inspired the idea behind Soft Lad. Lopez can also be heard on the film’s soundtrack which only includes music that was donated by the artists. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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Caroline Vogt

Caroline Vogt

Originally from Germany, Caroline made a quick year-long stop in Pennsylvania, USA when she was 16, only to eventually move to sunny Manchester where she recently completed her M.A. in Screen Studies. She is a Queer Cinema fanatic and a music enthusiast, having co-founded the Green Chair Sessions. At the moment she is looking for a full-time job to pay the bills and simultaneously researching and writing her first feature-length screenplay… which basically is a full-time job in itself.
Caroline Vogt
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