Gay Essential Films To Watch, Sleepless Knights (Caballeros Insomnes)

As he does every summer, Carlos (Raul Godoy) leaves the big city to spend his summer with his family in Extremadura, Spain. Whilst in the country, he considers extending his usual summer stay because job prospects in Madrid are looking very grim. His father’s declining health eventually forces Carlos to stay with his family as his help is desperately needed with the care of the sheep.

In a town where the oldest generation still performs medieval rituals to rid the town of evil spirits, Carlos meets Juan (Jaime Pedruelo) one day, a young handsome police man who Carlos soon harbours strong feelings for. A deep connection develops between the two and they eventually fall in love.

In a country with an economy that continues to struggle, where unemployment among young people is a constantly growing threat that looms over the younger generation, Carlos and Juan are faced with many terrifying prospects. Living in an old rural town where the older generation refuses to let go, is just one of the situations they are bound to deal with in the gay themed film Sleepless Knights.

Sleepless Knights

Gay Themed Films, Critics

“It takes time to appreciate this film, and patience is rewarded.”
   Kilian Melloy, Edge Media Network

Gay Themed Films, Did You Know?

Sleepless Knights is Stefan Butzmühlen and Cristina Diz very first feature-length film. They cast amateur actors from Extremadura in Spain, where the actors are also from. They filmed with a crew consisting of Spanish and German nationals. Sleepless Knights premiered at the 62nd Berlin Film Festival in 2012. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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Caroline Vogt

Caroline Vogt

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Caroline Vogt
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