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The father figure (François Marthouret) of a middle-class family comes home from work and is joyfully greeted by his loved ones singing “happy birthday”. The man massacres each of them on the spot, and the film relays the story of what happened prior to the incident. Several months before the carnage, the father had decided to purchase and bring in a small and seemingly innocent white rat. The animal has a life-changing effect on each member of the family, bringing to light all of their darkest and most twisted desires.

The first one to come forth with his most private secrets is Nicolas (Adrien de Van), the teenager son who is a science geek and also a closeted homosexual. He blurts out that he is gay, but does not receive much of a reaction. Instead, the rest of the family seems to be obsessed with exploring their sexuality and debauchery. The daughter, Sophie (Marina de Van), attempts to commit suicide by jumping out of her bedroom window, but she only breaks her legs. However, she becomes a paraplegic dominatrix who practices sadomasochism with her boyfriend (Stéphane Rideau) and also experiments with her brother, Nicolas. The Spanish maid, Maria (Lucia Sanchez), turns into a promiscuous sex slave for the family and the mother (Évelyne Dandry) sleeps with her son in an attempt to “cure” his homosexuality.





“Ozon has found ways of ripping into middle-class retentiveness with a wink and a smile.”
   San Francisco Examiner

“It’s a minimalist adventure.”

Teorema is subtly hysterical, and you can’t help but feel that Ozon updated it with Sitcom, a Pasolini film as written by John Waters and directed by Claude Chabrol.”
Fin de Cinema

Did You Know?

Sitcom is François Ozon’s feature debut. The motion picture came about as an attempt to redefine sexuality, break down generic tropes and reinvigorate the use of taboo subjects. Ozon has stated several times that sex is oftentimes treated and portrayed poorly in cinema, consistently being boxed into rigid categories and stereotypes. The director’s project with Sitcom was to reject standardized perspectives on sexual expression, as well as to fully renounce self-censorship. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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