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Set in Berlin, Silent Youth follows a boy named Marlo (played by actor Martin Bruchmann) as he is all but giving up hope on finding true love.  One day as he is walking the streets of Berlin, Marlo has a chance encounter with young Kirill (played by Josef Mattes), brushing hands and exchanging glances with each other.  Recognizing love at first sight, the boys allow a fairy tale meeting to happen.

The film follows Marlo and Kirill through every dialogue and a string of firsts for the two boys, including the first embrace, first kiss, and first night together.  Using silence almost as a third character, director Diemo Kimmesies also embraces the awkwardness of seemingly perfect love.  The film is peppered with long scenes, awkward silence between the characters, and the uncomfortable conversations that are natural for new love.  In doing so, Kimmesies transcends the boundaries of gay cinema, presenting scenarios that are common in all relationships, in all forms.

An honest portrayal of relationships and love, Silent Youth carefully uses elements of time, thought, and emotion.  Kimmesies created a modd for this film that is synonymous with the style of fellow director and filmmaker Gus Van Sant.

Silent Youth


“This is a film about honest human Interaction.”
   Reviews by Amos Lassen

“As far as “first encounter” movies go, Silent Youth is very low key, but audacious in its own way, creating awkward silences where we normally expect bonding.”
   Peale’s View

“Some will find Kemmesies’ work painstakingly crafted; others painfully slow. It all depends on where you’ve already been in the heady experience of “the dance.”

Did You Know?

Having a background in theatre, Silent Youth is a change of pace and style for director Diemo Kimmesies.  Seeking an element of realism for this film, Kimmesies was careful to script honest dialogue and emotion without straying into the world of fantastical romance.  As a result, many scenes seem so true that past audiences have mistaken them for improvisational work, when in reality almost every line and camera position was scripted. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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