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Set in Toronto, in gay themed film Seek Evan (Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski) is an ambitious young freelance writer for gay lifestyle magazine Access.  Attempting to get his big break with city newspaper The Gazette, the editor suggests Evan to focus on alternative storyline pieces.

On a night out with co-worker and friend Aidan (Jonathan Nathaniel), Evan meets maverick club promoter Hunter (Ryan Fisher), a perfect candidate for an edgy article piece in The Gazette.  Hunter agrees to the story focus and they meet up at a cabaret venue watching a performance by Toronto’s legendary drag performer Michelle Ross.  As Evan shadows Hunter he learns about his journey as the cities top club promoter, from street team member to booking superstar DJs.

Concurrently, Evan is interviewing a mixture of colourful characters focusing on their background stories for the magazine Access.  In his private life, the protagonist attempts to come out of his shell, only to find awkward encounters with a misguided straight girlfriend and a hilarious pick-up attempt from an older gentleman (looking for a friend).

Suffering from anomalous experiences, while meeting at Hunter’s apartment to interview, Evan flicks through a ring binder and sees the object of his hallucinations, Jordan (Matthew Ludwinski) photographed next to Hunter.  As Evan investigates Hunter thoroughly his hallucinations may not be as spontaneous as they appear.





“Eric Henry’s debut film Seek, finally gives the Village the spotlight it deserves.”
   Daily Extra

“It is a very human story about longing, life expectations, and the inability many people have to move on with their lives instead of letting their past haunt them, which is something we can all relate to on one level or another.”
   Toronto Film Scene

Seek’s fascination with people, modern life, and learning acceptance and happiness, slowly begins to have an effect and it turns into something worthwhile.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

Did You Know?

Director Eric Henry incorporated Toronto’s iconic venues and landmarks into Seek, including Zipperz, the Woody’s stairwell, Flash and Fly.  The music by Kevon Cronin was recorded with the Prague Philharmonic. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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All pictures reproduced courtesy of Eric Henry

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