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Sebastian is a warmly comic drama with shades of Andrew Haigh’s 2011 Weekend. The film is the feature debut of writer/director/leading actor James Fanizza, largely adapted from a short film he wrote back in 2014. In the motion picture Alex (Fanizza) meets Sebastian, an Argentinean man vacationing in Toronto for a week, and instantly falls head over heels for him. There are numerous things complicating this situation and it’s not just that Sebastian has a limited amount of time in Canada.

Alex is already in a relationship when the pair instantly meet, and to make matters worse, it’s a relationship with Sebastian’s cousin. As a brief affair suddenly gets more serious and the pair find out more about each other, Sebastian begins to pull away, worried that he may end up wounding his cousin – an emotional bond that is especially sacred among Latino families.

Coinciding with the sombre emotional vibes of the central storyline is some comic relief courtesy of Alex’s best friend Xenia (Brian McCook – Katya from RuPaul’s Drag Race), who delivers plenty of laughs both in drag and out. All in all, the film marries an emotional complexity with a winning sense of humour to quietly charm you throughout.




“It’s got promise and panache.”
   Cinema Axis

“Sebastian is a sweet, romantic, beautiful, well acted film”
   Toronto Film Scene

“The story takes on a beautifully romantic approach, leaving audiences truly touched”

Did You Know?

Writer and director James Fanizza describes Sebastian as a modern love story in the vein of Annie Hall and Before Sunrise. The story of Alex and Sebastian is an unabashedly queer love story that does not shy away from addressing and showcasing LGBT issues, culture, and sexuality. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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