Gay Essential Films To Watch, Seashore (Beira-Mar)

Taking the “coming of age’ movie genre in a new direction writer and directors  Filipe Matzembacher and Marcio Reolan use the subject of youth in Seashore juxtaposed  with themes of adolescence, parental issues, sexual experimentation and identity.

With winter at the beach as a backdrop, Martin (Mateus Almada) agrees to do a task for his father, visiting distant relatives to obtain a document.  Tomaz (Mauricio Jose Barcellos) agrees to accompany him on this weekend road trip in an attempt to rekindle their friendship, which has grown remote of late.

This trip gives the film a chance to showcase not just the beautiful scenery but also gives the audience the opportunity to watch the boys, both on the brink of adulthood, as their once close relationship falters and then blossoms along the way.  Added to this mix are the complicated family issues surrounding the task given to Martin by his father, who is depicted as a distant and unloving man.

The boys explore their relationship and during this, the audience learns that Tomaz is gay and Martin knew this.  Despite Martins friends attempts to push them together, they take their time to consummate their relationship.  This sums up this languorous film, where time means nothing as the storyline meanders towards its conclusion, where Martin comes into his own.





“If you’re looking for a sweet and tender story about two adolescents, a contemporary story that tells what it’s like to be a teenager solving relatively simple problems—this is your movie. It’s well worth watching.”

“Think Stand By Me on the oceanside, and without the murder.”

“The film is a turbulent, meandering plane ride, but somehow manages to really stick the landing.”

Did You Know?

When Filipe Matzembacher and Marcio Reolan met in college, the duo discovered they both used to spend summers on the same beach but had never met.  Seashore (Beira-Mar) is their first feature film and they are already developing their second having been awarded the Script and Project Development Category prize in the Hubert Bals Fund.

The main location being the glass beach house gives the viewer a chance to admire the scenery and watch the action within but also served as the home for the crew during filming.

The two main actors, Mauricio Jose Barcellos and Mateus Almada are untrained and inexperienced – they rehearsed the scenes over several months to enable them to reach the level of connection with the audience the directors were looking for. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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