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Darren (Matt Riddlehoover), the protagonist of Scenes From a Gay Marriage, is a twenty-something male, between jobs growing a beard and taking photographs of it for a strange man on the internet. Living in an apartment complex in Nashville, his once-boyfriend Leigh (Devin Walls) has just moved back to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a filmmaker, and Darren is newly single.

Darren spends the bulk of his days eavesdropping on his upstairs neighbour’s conversations through the communal air vents. His particular fascination is with a gay couple who have a lot of sex, and a divorced couple dealing with parenting a three-year old son. His listening practice takes the form of meddling voyeurism, too, when it appears that one-half of the gay couple upstairs seems to be cheating.

Darren’s curiosity with hunky maintenance man Joe (Jared Allman) who has recently come out of the closet, extends to outright infatuation as the two begin to see one another. In trying to find out the truth, Darren ultimately becomes his neighbour’s stalker.

Scenes From a Gay Marriage


“A funny, entertaining looks at a gay life that’s adrift after the roadmap starts to unravel.”
   Tim Isaac, Big Gay Picture Show

Scenes From a Gay Marriage is less about the scenes or even the noises of a gay marriage, but more about one man’s journey from the past to the present.”
   Fruity Movies

Did You Know?

The film title, Scenes From a Gay Marriage, is an overt homage to Ingmar Bergman’s seminal Scenes From a Marriage released in 1973, which is a titillating deconstruction of the ambiguities, complexities, and frustrations of married life. Matt Riddlehoover’s Scenes From a Gay Marriage follows his previous 1920s-set, black-and-white silent film Return to Babylon. Thashana McQuiston’s appearance in this film is her fifth collaboration with actor-director Riddlehoover. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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