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In Saturn Returns Lucy (Chloe Griffin) and Derek (Joshua Bogle) are the brand of typically aimless young people loitering on urban streets late at night that call up images of grungy clubs and shameless drinking. They both represent the rebellious sentiment and the devil-may-care attitude of the underground Punk scene of Berlin, Germany.

Their gritty pursuit of excitement and the edgiest scenes winds up putting them in the path of a newcomer: A film student who is a fellow Berliner named Galia (Tal Meiri) whose clean-cut lifestyle is antithetic to Lucy and Derek’s drug-addled mindset. Galia and Lucy use one another as human opportunities to shift their paradigms and reconstruct the selves into something newer, improved, and transformed.

All of the young characters involved are at a transitory phase in their lives: They are looking for change, for progress, for external stimuli to inform their future. Lucy tries to find meaning in her countercultural existence, by rebelling against the German mainstream and trying to find significance in the aesthetics of the seedy underbelly of Berlin. Galia, on the other hand, is ethically inclined, politically correct, and has a more pacifist mindset. Lucy and Galia are near opposites, but their attraction to one another creates a sort of blending of the personas in which each borrows elements of personality from the other.

Saturn Returns




“Thinking about Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s spirit is inevitable while watching Saturn Returns.”

Did You Know?

Saturn Returns is fairly autobiographical. It incorporates the director Lior Shamriz’s true encounters with Berliners, his relationships, and his life as a student making his way through a city that rings eternal with the voices of disgruntled and revolutionary youth. The movie is partially scripted and includes a multitude of improvised or loosely scripted scenes in which Shamriz left character direction up to the actors themselves. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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