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Sasha is Germany’s offer of a coming-out story that examines social issues around acceptance, the destructive force of intolerance and prejudice, the generation gap and sexual frustration. The Petrovics are an immigrant Yugoslavian family living in Cologne, Germany headed by an ignorant dictatorial father.

At 19 years old, Sasha (Sasa Kekez) is a piano wunderkind who is expected to gain a place of acceptance at a prominent music academy which places him under a great deal of stress.  His stress is further exacerbated by his emerging sexual identity and his piano instructor Gebhard (Tim Bergmann) is moving away. Unbeknown to anyone else, Sasha is in love with him. Aware of the prejudices of his homophobic father, Vlado (Predrag Bjelac), Sasha has to keep his being gay a secret. Having a best friend Jiao (Yvonne Yung Hee), who is a girl, leads his father into thinking that she is Sasha’s girlfriend. The lie offers the best kind of convenience for Sasha until his younger brother Boki (Jasin Mjumjunow), and Jiao (once Jiao finds out that her feelings for Sasha is unrequited) become an item.

Devastated at the thought of Gebhard leaving, Sasha comes out to Jiao a violin student who has developed feelings for him. Putting her feelings aside, she urges Sasha to tell Gebhard about his feelings. Knowing of the bar Gebhard frequents, Sasha decides to risk all and heads off to tell him, but all does not go according to plan and all lies are exposed.





“Well-written and heartfelt. And there are touches, like the relationship between Sasha and his oh-so-straight brother Boki, and Gebhard’s own mix of bravado and insecurity, that feel extremely real.”
   The Backlot

“Writer-director Dennis Todorovic lands a crowdpleasing winner with sophomore feature “Sasha.”
  — Variety

“Refreshingly told from an immigrant perspective, this multicultural work from writer and director Dennis Todorovic takes a variant look at the coming out process”
  — Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

The film Sasha offered first feature roles to up and coming actors Zeljka Preksavec, Jasin Mjumjunov and Yvonne Yung Hee. Viewers can expect to see some of Cologne and North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany which was where the film was shot. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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