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Wolfgang (Louis Hofmann) is a sensitive 14 year old boy living in Onasbruck in Lower Saxony. Wolfgang  has a close relationship with his mother (Katharina Lorenz), a fact that enrages his jealous step-father (Uwe Bohm), who decides to cart Wofgang off to the Christian boarding school Freistatt (Sanctury).

Wolfgang’s rebellious nature is not tolerated at his new school, especially by Brother Wilde (Stephan Grossmann), one of the school’s educators who frequently uses violence against his young charges. After months of abuse Wolfgang, and his friend Anton (Langston Uibel), break out of the school and go on the run.

Wolfgang eventually finds his way back home, telling his mother and stepfather about the physical, and emotional torment that he’s endured. Unfortunately for Wolfgang, they don’t believe him, doubting that a Christian organisation could do these things, they think Wolfgang is lying and send him back. After a while news reaches Wolfgang that his stepfather has died suddenly, and that his mother wants him to return home. Not being able to trust the educational institutions, or his mother who betrayed him, Wolfgang chooses to go his own way in the world.





“Ein ähnlich großes Glück für den ungemein aufwühlenden Film ist jedoch der junge Schauspieler Louis Hofmann.”
   Frankfurter Neue Presse

“Tausende Kinder wurden in christlichen Heimen gequält und misshandelt.”
   Die Welt

“Zwangsarbeit und Sadismus statt Pädagogik.”
   Badische Zeitung

Did You Know?

Director Marc Brummund grew up near the boarding school in which Sanctury (Freistatt) was set. Brummund used his own memories of growing up in the district, as well as first-hand accounts of former students to create a realistic portrayal of life within the boarding school. He, and co-writer Nicole Armbruster decided to set the story in 1968 as it marked a period of social, and cultural change within Germany. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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