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In the psychological Rites of Passage, lawyer D.J. Farraday (Robert Glen Keith) discovers that his father, Del (Dean Stockwell) is having an affair, the two take a trip to their remote family cabin to talk things over.   When the two arrive at the cabin, they find the younger son, Cam (Campbell Farraday) [Jason Behr], already there apparently planning a weekend retreat with his boyfriend.

Del had previously found Cam and his boyfriend, Billy (Andrew Cooper) embracing there at the cabin on Christmas Eve. Del brutally beat Billy, and father and son have been estranged since. Cam seems determined to leave, while D.J. is trying to convince Cam to stay and attempt reconciliation. Cam reveals that Billy is dead, and places the blame on his father for the loss.

A short time later, two escaped convicts show up at the isolated cabin and ask to use the phone, pretending that their car has broken down. Red Tenney (Jaimz Woolvett), who is introduced as Frank Dabbo’s (James Remar) adult son, makes a point of making himself at home.  As the evening progresses Frank makes his play for Alpha of the house.

When the police show up looking for the two escaped convicts, things become very tense.  It becomes apparent that Cam knows Frank who is connected to his lost lover Billy.  The family must reconcile and put aside their issues with each other to deal with the menacing force of Frank.

Rites of Passage


“Well turned on a low budget, tightly paced effort benefits from solid performances all around.”
   Dennis Harvey, Variety

Did You Know?

Rites of Passage was originally called ‘The Manhood Ritual’.  This was the first film from Victor Salva since the controversy surrounding his film, Powder. Salva based much of the dialogue between Del, D.J. and Cam on tense conversations he and his own father had while Salva was growing up. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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