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Release introduces audiences to Father Jack Gillie (played by Daniel Brocklebank), who is serving a prison sentence for an undisclosed crime. Residing in a gritty, dimly-lit prison, Jack is incarcerated not just in the physical sense, but also mentally and emotionally imprisoned by thoughts of the crime he has committed. Meanwhile, his fellow inmates begin to develop suspicions about what his crimes may be, spreading rumours that Father Jack Gillie may in fact be a pedophile priest. Inspired by the rumors of Jack’s criminal past, several of the inmates attempt to convince Jack’s cellmate, Rook (played by Wayne Virgo), to take action on their behalf. Rook is fairly easily sold on this notion, as he is a teen with a tortured past himself.

Seeking a safe place to unload his heavy heart, Father Jack confides in one of his prison guards, Martin (played by Garry Summers). Giving Jack the benefit of the doubt, Martin lends him an open ear, which leads to an illicit affair developing between Father Jack and his guard. Jack eventually shares with Martin the details of the crime he actually committed, granting him relief from his mental anguish, yet still very much under the threat of physical harm within the prison.





“The writing duo behind “Shank” return with a prison drama that features a few well-worn characters and situations, but morphs into a powerful film.”

“This is not an Oz, or even a Locked Up for that matter. Rather this is a film with a religious bite to it, as Jack Gillie, an ex Catholic priest, finds himself doing time for an act of an unspeakable nature.”
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Did You Know?

Release is the second film project from co-writer and co-director team of Darren Flaxstone and Christian Martin. However, fans of their work may recognize some other familiar names in the credit roll. Actor Garry Summers and Bernie Hodges, who play Martin and Max in Release, had previously worked with the writing and directing duo of Flaxstone and Martin on their debut film, Shank, which released in 2009. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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