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As the title suggests, much of Redwoods takes place among the ancient redwood forests of Northern California. Here we meet Everett (played by Brendan Bradley), a gay man who feels stuck in a stable, yet passionless relationship. Missing the spark, the only thing keeping Everett with his partner, Miles (played by Tad Coughenour) is the care and attention required for their austistic son, Billy (played by Caleb Dorfman). Seeking a break, Miles decides to take Billy for a short trip to visit family, leaving Everett alone for several days.

An aspiring writer and traveller, Chase (played by Matthew Montgomery), arrives in town to spend some time in the forests. Seeing Everett, Chase drums up a lameduck excuse of asking for directions as a shameless ploy to start up a conversation. Everett acquiesces, and starts up a conversation with the intriguing traveller. As conversation moves along, Everett determines that he and Chase have a great deal in common, beyond a mutual love and respect for nature and literature. Feeling the burn of passion that he misses so dearly with Miles, Everett contemplates having an affair with Chase. However, Miles and Billy are soon to return home, forcing Everett to make a decision that could affect everyone’s lives.





“A kind of gay Bridges Of Madison County
Big Gay Picture Show

“Set amid the sprawling and grandiose beauty of Northern California, Redwoods is the story of Everett (Brendan Bradley), an unfulfilled gay man stuck in a passionless though stable relationship.”
Eye For Film

“Beautifully photographed and scored, here Lewis has triumphed in delivering a polished gay love story, lump in your throat style.”
Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

Most of Redwoods was filmed in Guerneville, California, a small liberal community known for its forests and wine country. The age of the redwoods is often acknowledged in the film, and in one instance, they are described as being, “as old as Christ.”  However, Guerneville is historically known as a logging town in the 19th century – so much so that it used to be called “Stumptown.”  Save for a small protected grove, all of the ancient redwoods were felled long ago.  The trees in the film are actually new growth, planted within the last two hundred years. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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