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Tagbo “Tag” (Adedamola Adelaja) and Raymond “Rag” (Daniel Parsons) are two young boys who met when they were eight years-old. Like-minded and intrigued by each other’s contrasting life situations, the children are inseparable until well into their teens, when social service agents take Tag away. Tagbo is part of the middle class and has emigrant Nigerian parents, whereas Rag was born in England under the care of a West Indies single parent. When Tag is forced to leave London and his best friend is given to foster care, the lives of the two youngsters drastically change. However, their relationship still carries on despite them not seeing each other. Things become complicated when the two men, now twenty-three years old, meet by chance in London ten years later.

No longer innocent and trusting as they once were, the two full-grown adults have been jaded by the hardships of life and have followed very distinct paths in their way to finding safety and fulfilment. Tag is a fresh magna cum laude graduate of a reputable law school and is in a relationship with the political activist Olivia (Tamsin Clarke). Despite having his life well-put together and searching for a high-end job, Tag’s father is still condescending and mean-spirited towards his girlfriend. On the other hand, Rag has a family which he has left behind in order to move to London and has gotten in trouble with the law. Despite their evident differences and opposing lifestyles, Rag and Tag still care deeply for each other and want to resume their prematurely discontinued relationship.

Rag Tag


Rag Tag didn’t win any Academy Awards, but it did remind me that it will have a special place in the hearts of every black gay boy who needed to see themselves depicted in a positive and realistic way.”
   Old Gold Soul

“Emphasis on the Nigerian expat community provides a fresh angle.”

Rag Tag is nothing short of heroic.”
   The Guardian

Did You Know?

As homosexuality is still very much unrecognized and chastised in Nigeria, Rag Tag‘s director was warned that shooting a movie on this topic would most certainly end her career. Adaora Nwandu talks about her decision to carry on with the motion picture in a No Strings podcast and reveals that the financial supporters were mainly her family and friends. The two leading actors are straight and were hesitant to accept the roles, particularly Daniel Parsons, who had never featured in a film before. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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