Gay Essential Films To Watch, Radiant Sea (Lichtes Meer)

Marek (Martin Sznur) is a young man who lives with his family on a farm in Western Pomerania. The cold weather is not very appealing for the young Marek, and neither is helping out his parents with work or living in a quiet, secluded environment. The son dreams of leaving the province someday and joining a renowned university in Berlin. But such aspirations seem far-fetched until Marek makes the life-changing decision to leave for Dunkirk. Eventually the man winds up in Saint-Nazaire, where he encounters the mysterious Frenchman Jean (Jules Léo Sagot).

Everything changes for Marek when he meets Jean. After boarding on a cargo ship to work as a trainee, the young man finds out that his newfound friend is in fact a sailor who happens to be in need of an assistant for his adventures on sea. The two men work together on the freighter and travel to Montoir-de-Bretagne in Western France. As they spend more time in each other’s company on the ship, Marek and Jean become entangled in a gripping, sensual love affair. Later heading towards Martinique in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean Sea, the two lovers run into some disagreements. As Marek soon learns, he is not the first or only man with whom Jean has a fiery, but rather superficial sexual relationship.

Radiant Sea


“Butzmühlen manages to depict an interesting voyage brimming with unaffected honesty.”

“A trip that leads not only to the distant Martinique, but also to the adult age, and in so doing take a few detours.”

“It is a film full of emotions that one only rarely feels in German cinema.”

Did You Know?

Stefan Butzmühlen wanted to create a film that explored the topics of gay intimacy and sexuality within a natural landscape like the Carribean and the Atlantic. The actor who plays the main character, Martin Sznur (Maruk), has never been in a movie before – Radiant Sea (Lichtes Meer) is his debut film after Butzmühlen requested that the two start a collaboration together. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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