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An ultra conservative Senator from North Carolina Jack Kray (Michael Lerner) publicises in his election campaign an anti homosexuality agenda without knowing the sexuality preference of his son Henry Kray (Matt Newton).   Senator Kray plans to launch his re-election campaign at ‘Poster Boy’ Henry’s, college campus.

At college, Henry’s sexuality is something of an open secret; the campus gay activist group has created a chart of his sexual conquests. The night before Senator Kray is scheduled to arrive; Henry hooks up in the college gymnasium with mature student Anthony (Jack Noseworthy).  Previously an ACT UP activist, Anthony has drifted away from activism and is unaware who Henry’s father is.

The day of the senator’s speech, Anthony is approached by a campus activist who wants to enlist his help in outing Henry.  Seeing this as a chance opportunity to commit political action against the conservative government, Anthony accepts.  Following  a heated discussion of his plan with his affluent roommate –  Izzie (Valerie Geffner) storms out only to be hit by the limousine transporting the senator and his wife Eunice Kray (Karen Allen), who insist that Izzie stay with them in their suite where the two women bond.

Eunice invites Izzie along for the luncheon and Henry invites Anthony, who feels conflicted in being able to go through with the planned ‘outing’ as his feelings develop for Henry.    When the senator begins his speech to the gathered audience, Henry stands up, pulls Anthony to his feet and kisses him in full view of the national media, outing himself before the activists have the chance to. Cue  media frenzy, the Senator and his team decide to spin the event by stressing that the Senator still loves his gay son. When one of the campus activists congratulates Anthony for outing Henry, the relationship is shattered.

Poster Boy




“Leads Matt Newton and Jack Noseworthy have genuine chemistry.”
   Chicago Reader

“The DV-lensed feature nonetheless is well acted and directed with confidence by first-timer Zak Tucker.”

Did You Know?

Director Zak Tucker was the third person to take charge of Poster Boy after Herbert Ross died and Douglas Keeve walked away from the project.  Some of the campus scenes were shot at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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