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This movie takes the classic haunted mansion motif and rejuvenates it by adding dark humor, Paris suburbs and homoerotic undertones. Set in modern-day, Poltergay is a playful, creative comedy, rife with brash one-liners and a fresh, novel perspective on gay cinema. When Marc Modena (Clovis Cornillac) and his lover, Emma (Julie Depardieu), first move into their new home, they’re completely unaware of what they have signed up for. After purchasing the broken-down building at a bargain price, the two try their best to rehabilitate and modernize the mansion. What they don’t know is that the basement of their newly-acquired household was a popular gay nightclub during the 1970s and five bodies went missing after the club was blown-up in 1979.

As the married couple settles in, Marc starts hearing odd noises and very loud music during a certain hour of the day. Both taken aback and intrigued by these peculiarities, the man finally decides to investigate the house’s cellar. Down there, he finds five queer men living and casually partying. It doesn’t take Marc too long to realize that he is in fact the only one who can see these five men, as his wife suddenly thinks he’s gone insane and wants to leave him. Soon after, everyone else follows – believing that Marc must surely be mad and a closeted homosexual who fantasized about having sex with other men. The film is brimming with juicy wisecracks and a rather original, amusing plot line, as the funky disco ghouls attempt to help Marc get his wife back and his life back in order.





Poltergay is a lot of fun.”
   A Nutshell

“This is a little gem of entertainment.”
Eye For Film

“If there’s one thing the French are better at than the folks over at Hollywood, it’s creativity.”

Did You Know?

The film’s director Eric Lavaine and writer Héctor Cabello Reyes worked on the script Poltergay together for two whole years before releasing it to the public. Lavaine stated that the underlying message he wanted to share through his fantastic comedy was the touching love story between Marc and his wife, whom he desperately tries to win back. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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