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Plan B begins with Bruno (Manuel Vignau) being dumped by his girlfriend Laura (Mercedes Quinteros). Shortly after, Laura takes on a new boyfriend, Pablo (Lucas Ferraro), and Bruno decides to concoct a vicious plan for revenge, by trying to manipulate Pablo into dumping Laura as well. Unfortunately, his plan doesn’t go quite as well as he expected, and he decides instead to try to seduce Pablo as “Plan B”, to steal him away from Laura.

The whole time, Bruno uses his friend Victor as a sounding board, who gives advice and suggestions on how to best proceed, and soon enough, Bruno does in fact begin a secret relationship with Pablo. What starts merely as a plan to get back at his ex turns into something much more, though, as Pablo and Bruno soon find themselves falling for each other. At first it’s just mutual interests and a good mesh of humor and personality, but after a little alcohol and drugs are introduced, the two break the barrier of being just friends and move into more physically intimate terrain, making each reconsider their sexualities overall. Finally, by the end both have more or less forgotten Laura, and it is apparent that the two are moving towards a serious relationship together.

Plan B




“Thoroughly engaging, off-the-cuff perfs by a winsome cast neatly counterpoint this uncompromising Argentine aestheti.”

“By allowing the characters space to breathe, Plan B ends up as charming, sweet and rather thought provoking film.”
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“We all wish, at times, that we could be kids again, and these guys seem to be enjoying a second childhood together.”

Did You Know?

In an attempt to create a more immediate and personal reaction to the film, director Marco Berger decided to opt out of using a soundtrack for Plan B . As his feature film, it turns out than Plan B was at least the 22nd film to have ever used that title. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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