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Pan (Bobby Kendall) is a young male prostitute who has had his fair share of sexual encounters and intriguing, intimate experiences. However, on a particular night he chooses not to spend his time out looking for a potential hook up, but instead to stay inside of his cosy apartment and let his imagination run wild. As such, Pan pictures what it would be like for him to be a voluptuous Roman slave boy who is condemned by his emperor. He wants to feel what it would be like to experience life from another’s point of view. But the curious man does not stop there. He goes on to take the perspective of the merciless emperor as well and eventually conjures up different sexual or peculiar scenarios in his mind.

One such fantasy involves him being the most desired individual in a Sheikh’s male harem, whereas another depicts Pan taking part in an emperor’s orgy. The young man also sees himself as a matador who is trying to get the attention of a handsome biker by using a red cape, causing his fancied target to quickly turn into a raging bull. His fantasies eventually turn even darker, involving pain, sado-masochism and instances of erotic asphyxiation. But each fantasy has one thing in common – Pan is the ultimate narcissistic center of the dream.

Pink Narcissus




“Interesting both as a movie and for its place in gay cinema history.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

Pink Narcissus is a relic of cinema that has journeyed from virtual oblivion to belated appreciation in a corner of the cinematic world that long hungered for elders to respect.”
   Ferdy On Films

Pink Narcissus is reminiscent of Genet’s Un Chant d’amour in its obsession with flowers, rough sexuality, and extraordinary male beauty, but it is more like a drag queen’s opium-soaked dream version or a Disney adaptation of Genet’s work than it is a direct descendant.
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Did You Know?

Charles Ludlam, the founder of the Theatre of the Ridiculous, has made several cameos in the film. The American actor and playwright initially met with the film’s director when they were both attending Turds in Hell. James Bidgood stated that a major inspiration in creating Pink Narcissus were the MGM musicals. The director also admitted that The Red Shoes greatly influenced him in the making of his motion picture. Initially, the movie was credited to Andy Warhol. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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