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Young and curious to learn more about the human body, young Leon (Steven Bednarski) is fascinated by a medical dummy he has found in his father’s office. Naming the peculiar doll PIN, the child and his sister, Ursula (Katie Shingler) learn about how the body functions in a playful and seemingly harmless way. Their parent, Dr. Frank Linden (Terry O’Quinn), uses ventriloquism to teach other children about human anatomy and doesn’t notice that his son has started interacting more and more with the mannequin. Gradually, Leon beings not only to view PIN as an actual person, but also inherits the doll’s mischievous alter-ego. After witnessing Dr. Linden’s nurse having sex with the figure, Leon is traumatized and becomes overprotective of his younger sister.

Now eighteen, Leon (David Hewlett) is infatuated with Ursula (Cynthia Preston) and attempts to control her every decision. When his father overhears him talking to the medical dummy via ventriloquism, the doctor realizes that Leon is suffering from psychosis and decides to take PIN away from him. However, the mysterious doll takes over Leon’s life, as Dr. Linden and his wife are soon killed in a car crash. Reunited with PIN, the young man vows to protect his sister and is willing to go to extreme lengths to keep her unharmed.





“It’s actually one of the better horror films from the late ’80s you’ve never heard of before.”
   The Internet Is America

PIN is unlike any other horror film you’ll see, and all the better for it.”
   Horror Cult Films

“A low-key psychological horror produced at a time when the genre was swamped with interminable sagas of invincible otherworldly serial killers, Pin is subtle, disturbing, and brilliant.”
   Starburst Magazine

Did You Know?

One of the most compelling interpretations for the film is that of a young man becoming sexually aware and managing his newfangled sexual urges. There is talk of a remake of PIN in the near future, with producer Nicholas Bogner and screenwriter Jack Reher involved in the project. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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