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Paternity Leave tells the story of Greg (Jacob York) and Ken (Charlie David). When they get asked to babysit by Greg’s sister Connie (Rebecca Lines), they cancel their plans to celebrate their 4-year anniversary. Determined not to let their babysitting duties destroy their celebrations entirely, Greg and Ken give in to a moment of lust and desire which sees their lives turned upside down.

When Greg starts to feel ill and to experience severe mood swings, Ken urges him to see a doctor (Susannah Deveroux) who diagnoses Greg with the flu. Refusing to believe that he’s just dealing with the flu, Greg consults his doctor again who reveals to him that he shows all the typical signs of pregnancy. He’s referred to a specialist (Robin Daugherty) who confirms those suspicions – Greg is indeed pregnant.

When Ken gets cold feet and Greg spends a lot of time with his Doula Thomas (Chris Salvatore), things get complicated and force both, Greg and Ken, to figure out what they really want from their lives and their relationship.

Paternity Leave explores how a man handles a pregnancy, a gay man in a relationship nonetheless. The film puts a new spin on the traditional romantic comedy of expecting parents.

Paternity Leave


“Funny and bold! Captures the essence of pregnancy… surprise, chaos, beauty and awe.”
   What To Expect

“Paternity Leave might be the world’s funniest ‘gaymantic’ comedy… it is hilarious through and through. The entire cast is superb… the writing is so crisp.”
   San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

“If you’re looking for LGBT comedy… Paternity Leave is your pick.”
   Out & About Newspaper

Did You Know?

The film was shot in just 7 days in Nashville, Tennessee in September 2014 where it also had its world premiere at the Nashville Film Festival in April 2015. Paternity Leave was partly funded through two separate IndieGoGo campaigns which both exceeded their goal. The Director Matt Riddlehover had previously worked with Charlie David on More Scenes From A Gay Marriage (2014) as well as with Jacob York on Bookends (2008). Chris Salvatore contributed to the film’s soundtrack with a song called “What You Do To Me” which he’s also performing in the film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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Caroline Vogt

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Caroline Vogt
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