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Out To Kill, centres on the Ybor City loft complex in Tampa Florida, and upcoming singer Justin Jaymes (Tom Goss).  Despite his heart-throb beauty, Justin is cruel and provokes everyone that he comes into contact with.  His one loyal friend and resident mother-hen (hairdresser) Gene Sherman (Rob Moetti) tries best to defuse the ongoing hostilities.  When new resident and professional private investigator Jim Noble (Scott Sell) moves in, Gene invites him to his loft to discuss an upcoming pool party being hosted by Justin.  Suffering from a toothache, Gene suggests Jim connect with Vic “Vicar” Barnaby (Mark Strano), the resident dentist. Justin who is meanwhile skinny dipping in the resident’s pool, is the main focus on the evening’s discussions; an upcoming singer who has released a few CDs and performed at a few clubs.  Justin had a relationship with one of his college professor’s for 10 years before he passed away, provisions were in place to take care of Justin following his passing.

At the “bikini’s only” pool party, Vic warns Jim to be weary of Justin adding “I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin didn’t kill the professor himself”.  Meeting the resident triad relationship Steve (Lee Williams), Stephen (Nicolas Burgos) and Steven (Christopher Cutillo), the boys give Jim an invitation only card to an after pool sex party that they are hosting.  When Justin eventually meets Jim, he flirts outrageously before switching his focus to Vic who has stuck to the house rules despite his modesty.   Following a public altercation with a furious party attendee and non resident, Justin returns to his loft.  The next morning the entire complex awakes to screams, Justin is floating lifeless in the resident’s pool.

Despite a police report filed that Justin died of a drug overdose, Gene is adamant that he was murdered and hires Jim to find the killer and next of kin.  With a multitude of motives and just as many false alibis Jim quickly learns that everyone in the complex has secrets in this gay whodunit murder mystery.

Out To Kill


Out To Kill is a fairly interesting trip into the relatively rare world of the gay-themed murder mystery.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“The movie is slickly photographed and looks great.”

Did You Know?

Director Rob Williams wanted to make Tampa a character in the film, the film’s concept of a gay murder mystery was written specifically for Tampa Bay.  When the director announced that they planned to film in Tampa, he was bombarded by people offering places to stay, contacts with area businesses and locations to film the movie.

Locations included for the gay murder mystery Out to Kill included Box Factory Lofts, Ybor City, Davis Islands and areas of Bayshore Boulevard overlooking the water. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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