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in the gay themed films drama Our Paradise, Vassili is an aging male prostitute living in Paris.  Sensitive about his age, Vassili has been known to kill those who mention it, once strangling a client who made an off-hand comment about it.  While cruising a park known for hustling, Vassili discovers an unconscious young man who was apparently beaten and robbed, and claims to forget who he is.  Vassili takes him home, names him Angelo based on a tattoo he has, and the two men become lovers and friends.

Vassili and Angelo begin hustling together, though Angelo is often the preferred prostitute due to his younger age and appearance.  Part insulted and part trying to protect Angelo, Vassili begins murdering clients.

The two men eventually stumble upon a woman named Anna, a former prostitute and friend of Vassili’s.  Anna has a son, also named Vassili.  IN an attempt to hide from their crimes, Vassili convinces Anna to let him and Angelo stay in her apartment for a while.  Young Vassili is intrigued by the mysterious men, while elder Vassili, Angelo, and Anna start to have threesomes and become a loose family.

The men move on to a luxurious house owned by an old client, Victor.  Victor’s new lover is suspicious of Vassili, so Vassili and Angelo kill Victor and his lover.  Anna joins the men and they have a threesome, though young Vassili hears his mother moan and finds her limp and lifeless in bed.  He runs away to tell the police, and both men are finally apprehended.

Our Paradise




“Despite its lack of motive this film nurtures a disturbing subculture of achieving status by taking what’s not yours to take.”
   The Gay UK

“The opening sequence is a bit of a shocker and the mix between sex and murder ramps up as the film progresses to its shocking climax.”
   Entertainment Focus

Did You Know?

In Our Paradise, the lead role of Vassili is played by French actor Stéphane Rideau.  Rideau is a successful actor, however he did not intend to be an actor early in life.  A talented athlete, Rideau was playing in a rugby match in 1992, when a casting director discovered him and convinced him to audition for a role in the 1994 film Les Roseaux sauvages. Director Gaël Morel was also Stéphane Rideau’s co-star in Les Roseaux sauvages. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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