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Otto (Jey Crisfar) is a young and unsurprisingly reclusive zombie who enjoys walking around the streets of Berlin and is going through an existential crisis. Attempting to reconstruct his memories and understand what his life was like before he died and rose out from the grave, Otto focuses most on the loving moments he spent with Rudolf (Gio Black Peter), his ex-boyfriend. However, the zombie is not like his other undead counterparts – because he refuses to eat human flesh. Isolated from the dead and constantly harassed by the living, Otto feels estranged and deeply depressed. All of that changes when he meets filmmaker and lesbian activist Medea Yarn (Katarina Klewinghaus).

After being taken in by a group of porn stars, Otto decides to allow his newfound friend to document his entire life-after-death. As such, Medea, along with her girlfriend, Hella Bent (Susanne Sachße), and her brother, Adolf (Guido Sommer), begin their film project on Otto’s exanimate journey. Medea also convinces a fellow star named Fritz Frite (Marcel Schlutt) to allow Otto to live in his apartment and turns the zombie into the highlight of her work. Although she seems to care for young Otto and even crowns him as the king of the undead, Medea actually believes that he is in fact just a human who is mentally ill.

Otto; or Up with Dead People




“You shouldn’t take everything in this movie too literally.”

“A LaBruce zombie is a misunderstood creature that wants to find a little human compassion in the world as well as a nice dish of entrails.”
   Eye For Film

“In between necessary scenes of gore and debauchery, there are flashes of pure poetry.”
   Last Night With Riviera

Did You Know?

Multi-talented Bruce LaBruce is also a photographer and DJ.  The unique style of his previous work is also present in his zombie flick, as the director stated that what inspired him to create Otto; or Up with Dead People was a sense of “heavy alienation”. Moreover, the decision to start up the production came after a friend of his, who happened to work for a suicide hotline, drew attention to the fact that the suicide rates for gay teens are higher than those of any other group. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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Featured by Filmmaker Michael Varrati in the Halloween Featurette The Queering of Horror Movies

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