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Open tells the story of Gen (Tempest Crane) and Jay (Jendeen Forberg), a pandrogyny-oriented couple. The two lovers are determined to go through gender-reassignment therapy in order to make their bodies as identical to one another as possible. Everything seems to be going well until Cynthia (Gaea Gaddy), a hermaphrodite plastic surgery nurse, enters the picture and risks breaking up the non-conventional couple. Cynthia has recently ended the relationship with her absent-minded husband and is taken in by Gen after Jay leaves home to reunite with his family. After watching a road movie together and bonding over their similar outlooks on life, Cynthia confesses her growing love for Gen.

In parallel, Open follows the lives of Nick (Daniel Luedtke), a cis gay man, and Syd (Morty Diamond), a transgendered man. The two meet in a rave club and wander around Minneapolis together. After having sex, the two new-found lovers are forced to consider the impact their hormone therapy has had on their lives both sexually and emotionally.




“Few début films pack as much narrative punch and impressive technique than Jake Yuzna’s wonderfully moody story of love amongst those who feel so uncomfortable in their “God-given” skin that they embrace all modern science has to change sex, body features or both.”
James Wegg Review

“I’m hard pressed to think of another movie that’s as sensitive to the diversity of bodies and expressions of sexuality or lived experiences than Open (2010, directed by Jake Yuzna).”
   Krell Labortories

“Set among a transgender scene in Minneapolis, helmer Jake Yuzna’s interesting, low-budget feature debut, “Open” gives the old boy-meets-girl template a very 21st-century update.”
   Leslie Felperin, Variety

Did You Know?

The film’s director, Jake Yuzna meant to turn Open into somewhat of a tribute for his hometown, Minneapolis, describing it as a “love song to the city”. The characters are actually LGBT non-professionals, as Yuzna wanted to transcribe a raw, direct experience of how individuals can transcend the laws of biology. The film was the first American film to ever receive the esteemed Teddy Jury Prize as part of the Berlin Film Festival. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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