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Lucie (Lizzie Brocheré) is the only woman in a rock band with four other members. Ambitious and uninhibited, she loves to philosophize about sex, contemplate the meaning of life and quarrel with her colleagues about trivial matters. Her brother, Pierre (Arthur Dupont), is also part of the band. He is bisexual and plagued by disturbing thoughts and memories. The father of the two siblings was killed in a motorcycle accident when they were little children. Both have been traumatized as a result, but choose to deal with the aftermath of their parent’s death in different ways. One day, Pierre decides that he wants a motorcycle, despite Lucie’s protests and worry.

After the young woman’s brother is beaten to death by unidentified aggressors, the police begin an investigation but soon give up because they cannot find the assailants. Lucie is angry, confused and desperate, and she wants to get to the bottom of her sibling’s murder. So she begins her own investigation with the help of her close friends, Sébastien (Pierre Perrier), Baptiste (Nicolas Nollet) and Nicolas (Guillaume Baché). The four are determined to find out what circumstances lead to Pierre’s unexpected death. What soon transpires is that Lucie and her brother had a borderline incestuous relationship.

One To Another




“This drama from the directors Jean-Marc Barr and Pascal Arnold aims to be a disturbing account of young love, friendship and murder.”
   The New York Times

“It’s beautifully photographed and the cast is blindingly gorgeous and frequently naked.”
   San Francisco Chronicle

“Directors Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr of American Translation fame, delight in mixing a succulent cinematic cocktail of overt sexuality and covert detection, a sexual whodunit of the French cinema style, jam-packed with nudity from the clearly uninhibited members of the group.”
   Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

The entire script for One To Another (Chacun Sa Nuit) came about as a result of a newspaper column. One of the film’s directors, Pascal Arnold, read the segment and adapted from there. The motion picture picked up influences from The French New Wave and the Cassavettes. Director Jean-Marc Barr describes Pierre’s character as a modern James Dean who, instead of using car racing to rebel, employs his own body and sexuality to show his repulsion. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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