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Wildly controversial at the time of its release, Not Angels But Angels has director Wiktor Grodecki investigating child prostitution in the Czech Republic. He does this through interviews with a man, or pimp, that procures these boys, and interviews with 19 young men between the ages of 14 to 19, as he tries to understand their lives, and the motivations they have for doing what they do.

Through these interviews the audience is given insights into the boy’s lives: many of them hang out at Prague train stations to pick up clients, others patrol the city’s pub and clubs. Each of the boys take Grodecki through their own experiences: their first trick, hustling customers, the many dangers they face, including fear of disease, and violence, and why they stay in this life (mostly for financial reasons). Through the films titles, score, and shots of statues around Prauge, Grodecki highlights the vulnerability of these boys, and the way they are exploited. The images of statues call to mind a hardness of character that these boys have to learn in order to survive.

The film shows that the saddest aspect of this is that the boys are young and naïve, some of whom are blissfully unaware of the horrible position they have chosen, or been forced into.

Not Angels But Angels


“An important record of an unspeakable exploitation that needs to be dealt with far better than it is years after this release.”
   Fulvue Drive-In

“The conversations are almost shockingly frank”
   Shadows On The Wall

“One wishes that a little anger or choked-back sentiment had entered into the equation”
   TV Guide

Did You Know?

Not Angels But Angels has many images of young boys in sexual situations which had to be censored, due to issues of child pornography, in order for the film to be released.   Not Angels But Angels is a companion film to Body Without Soul, another documentary that culminated in the fictional film Mandragora. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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