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Newcastle follows a full cast of characters, including Jesse (Lachlan Buchanan), his twin brother Fergus (Xavier Samuel), Victor (Reshad Strik), and Andy (Kirk Jenkins). Jesse, the protagonist, has just lost a surfing championship title to his best friend, Andy, who is also engaged in a romantic attraction with Fergus. He and his friends decide to go on a weekend surf-camp getaway to enjoy life in the way that only teenagers can. In the following moments, Andy and Fergus are finally able to really act on their attraction for each other, while the others all get their own action as well, set against the backdrop of stunning beaches and waves, and featuring plenty of particularly tan, well-honed skin.

Once settled in at their cosy beach haven, Jesse’s half-brother, Victory, who was also a pro-surfer who had to stop due to injuries, arrives. Things heat up, and in a bout of competitiveness, tragedy strikes, leaving Victor dead and Andy seriously injured. This becomes a transformative event for all of them, bringing Jesse and Fergus closer together as brothers, and catapulting Jesse towards his destiny in the junior surf camp.



“It’s to Castle’s credit that although he first viewed Newcastle as a tourist, he doesn’t get into the traps of making everything look perfect and lovely. The film’s early moments could have descended into an advert for the town’s tourist board, but instead it gives a rather broad flavour of place, rather like a satellite, zooming in on a progressively smaller location as we see Jesse for the first time.”
   Cine Outsider

“What I think this film does well is accurately create the world of young men, the wildness, the aggro, the stupidity, the lust and the frustrations. And it’s been well served by the performances from the young cast.”
At The Movies With Margaret & David

“There’s an authenticity to the way Castle presents his surfers, their sport and their city that draws the viewer in to this sometimes touching coming-of-age story.”
Joel Meares, If

Did You Know?

Writer/director and avid surfer Dan Castle grew up in Newcastle – but not the one featured in the movie! Originally from Newcastle, Delaware in the United States, visits to the historic surfing community in relatively isolated Newcastle, Australia and its duality as an industrial setting inspired him to write this particular film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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