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Naked As We Came delves into the fragility of family bonds, and tells of a family having to cope with love and loss. In exploring romantic relationships, the spotlight is also shone on the impact of open relationships. At the heart of the film is finding the courage to pursue one’s dreams and where the journey is just as important as the destination.

After receiving an unexpected phone call, sister and brother Laura (Karmine Alers) and Elliot (Ryan Vigilant) return home to see that their terminally ill and estranged mother Lilly (Lué McWilliams) has a young man Ted (Benjamin Weaver) living with her as her housekeeper, and who is not all who he seems to be. The reunited family have to face both old and new issues, confront the pain of the past, and get to know each other again as they have changed over the years. First is the issue of Lily’s deteriorating health that affects all of them. To complicate things further, Eliot and Ted enter into an intense affair.

Naked As We Came




“A lovely small surprise of a film.”
   The New York Times

“A committed cast and pensive insights into family and self-expression help make this indie drama work.”
   New York Daily News

“A thoughtful, sensitive exploration of strained family dynamics”
   The Hollywood Reporter

Did You Know?

The title for Naked As We Came was a choice from four possible titles.  Richard LeMay spotted Lué McWilliams while she was reading on another screenplay and knew immediately he wanted to work with her. He wrote the part of Lilly especially for her. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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