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In the 2012 drama My Straight Son, Diego is a successful and famous fashion photographer in Venezuela.  Living a life of excess and high fashion, Diego is on top of the world.  However, the photographer is a homosexual, which is something that is still taboo in Venezuelan culture.  Despite the social norms, Diego enjoys a romantic relationship with a handsome doctor until a tragic accident leaves his lover in a coma.

Seemingly a twist of fate, Diego’s son, Armando, is placed in his care.  A closed-minded and judgemental teenager, Armando does not accept or understand his father’s homosexual lifestyle.  In the midst of caring for his comatose lover and estranged teenage son, Diego learns valuable lessons about what is truly important in life.  As Diego adjusts to the challenges of homophobia and being a gay parent, Armando begins to experience teenage love and finally learns to welcome his father into his life.

My Straight Son




“A heavily-loaded issues drama that delivers enough event and emotion for a whole series of telenovelas”
   The Hollywood Reporter

Did You Know?

Featuring a cast full of famous telenovela actors and actresses, My Straight Son is actually the first Venezuelan film to embrace and showcase openly gay and transgender issues.  The resulting cinematic performance has won various film festival accolades and made great strides in opening Venezuelan society up to a growing gay culture that already exists within its borders. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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