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Rae Spoon is a trans indie-folk singer who was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. The documentary film My Prairie Home, written and directed by Chelsea McMullan gives audiences a unique and personal view of this enigmatic folk singer and performer. Born biologically female, but identifying emotionally and psychologically as male, Rae Spoon carefully balances on the line between genders. So much so, in fact, that Rae Spoon identifies entirely with gender neutral pronouns (they, them, their). Raised in the Canadian prairie by an Evangelical family, they experienced a rather difficult upbringing to say the least. Spoon’s father was closed-minded and tyrannical, and having a gender-bending child did not help matters at home. As a result of their home environment, Rae Spoon found their creative outlet in making music, which led to a blossoming career path.

The film is shot mostly as Rae Spoon embarks on a music tour through their homeland. Riding the Greyhound bus between small towns and Alberta’s two main cities, Rae recounts their childhood, and explains the necessity for being out and in public as not only a creative outlet but also as a means of protection for their self and their girlfriend. The result is a very personal glimpse into Rae Spoon’s life and the events that shaped them as they are today.

My Prairie Home



My Prairie Home is a straightforward film with a touch of whimsy and a lot of forward ideas. Not only is an audience introduced to a shining young singer and some excellent music, but they may also have their preconceived notions, both in regards to documentary filmmaking and beyond”
   The Arts Guild

“Both the music and the landscape are captured in sensitive detail by Chelsea McMullan’s My Prairie Home.”

“The musical sequences, and by extension the film, become an assertion of identity that includes all of the difficult moments of the past and the ambiguities of the present.”

Did You Know?

In My Prairie Home, director Chelsea McMullan takes several liberties in filming, effectively breaking the standard mold of a documentary music film. This is readily apparent from the opening scenes, as audiences are treated to stunning landscapes…albeit, the shots are upside down. McMullan goes on to intersperse interviews and behind the scenes captures with artistic mini music videos featuring Rae Spoon. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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