Gay Essential Films To Watch, My Last Round (Mi Último Round)

In My Last Round, Hugo (Héctor Morales) is a handsome man who is not interested in the nearly constant attention he receives from women.  Seeking something to change his life, Hugo discovers Octavio (Roberto Farías), an aging champion boxer.  Hugo attempts to flirt with Octavio, but is promptly rejected because Octavio must uphold a tough and masculine image for the benefit of his boxing career, his fans, and his competitors.  However, Hugo’s attempts have not gone unnoticed.

Octavio finally succumbs to the strong feelings he shares with Hugo, bringing the two men together.  They begin an energetic and emotional romance, which is something their sleepy southern Chilean town has no tolerance for.  Looking to build a life together, Hugo and Octavio decide to leave their town and move to Santiago, the progressive capital city of Chile, where they can start with a clean slate.

Hugo, however, confuses his feelings for a co-worker at his new job.  The conflict causes confusion and stress between Hugo and Octavio, ultimately causing a dramatic end to a relationship that once seemed indestructible.

My Last Round




“These beautifully acted characters come together in moments of quiet intimacy, needing no flowery language or sentimental airs.”

“Well cast and well acted it’s a tragic love story beautifully told.”
   The Gay UK

My Last Round is an accomplished first feature; a delicately observed mood piece that has real emotional impact.”

Did You Know?

A provocative and emotional film, My Last Round expertly combines a powerful romantic story with an emotive acoustic musical score.  The juxtaposition of Chilean guitar with the tough image of boxer Octavio was the brainchild of director Julio Jorquera.  Remarkably, My Last Round is the director’s very first feature film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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