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Approximately two years after Darren (played by writer and director Matt Riddlehoover) and Joe (played by Jared Allman) got together, More Scenes From a Gay Marriage drops the audience in a time of heartache. In the opening scenes of this film, Darren and Joe announce they are breaking up – a stark contrast to the prequel, Scenes From a Gay Marriage, in which the pair are just getting together. After having a dream about his ex, Darren starts to wonder if there’s still something left in the past, prompting a litany of questions about his current relationship with Joe. After deciding to split up, Darren and Joe make the announcement to their friends, Luce (played by Thashana McQuiston) and Greg (played by Cliff Burr). Luce takes the breakup very hard, and she and Darren decide to embark on a road trip to help both process the breakup.

Through careful use of flashbacks, the audience sees the many possible reasons for Darren and Joe’s breakup. As Darren and Luce rest in a motel, they talk about their respective past relationships and heartaches. They agree that acting in impulse is not the best approach to life and love, even though that is precisely how Darren does approach matters of the heart. Meanwhile, Joe is left back home, wondering if he and Darren will be able to patch things up, or will have to say goodbye for good.

More Scenes From a Gay Marriage



“An entertaining follow-up which may actually be the better film.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“This sequel to Scenes From a Gay Marriage starts off quite unexpectedly given where the last movie left off.  At the end of the last one we saw Darren and Joe starting off a relationship, but now we see them ending it.”
Fruity Movies

Did You Know?

One of the sub-plots of Matt Riddlehoover’s More Scenes From a Gay Marriage is that the lead characters of Darren (Middlehoover) and Joe (Jared Allman) have such a perfect relationship that they are the subject of a film, in which Darren is played by Charlie David and Joe is portrayed by Rett Terrell. As writer, director, and star of the film, Riddlehoover had to take on the rather unorthodox problem of writing a film within a film, as well as composing lines for a character, who is playing a character, who is being played by the director himself. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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