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Ibrahim, also known as Bram (played by Cam Akkanat), is living a perfect, idealistic Muslim life… at least in the eyes of his family. He is a saint in comparison to his delinquent and bigot of a brother, Furkan (played by Ergun Simsek). The truth is, however, Bram is living a closeted gay life with respect to his family. Rather, the real Bram enjoys gallivanting throughout the club scene in Antwerp and sharing the company of his new best friend, Kevin (played by Simon Van Buyten). The son of a Turkish family, Bram is under pressure, living under the constant stresses of Turkish Muslim tradition and the expectations of his parents. Chief among those expectations is the arrangement of a marriage between Bram and his cousin and bride-to-be Elif (played by Gamze Tazim).

Determined to fulfil his family’s expectations and honour tradition, Bram travels to Turkey to collect his new bride, Elif. However, he decides to bring his friend Kevin along for this adventure. Throughout the journey, Bram and Kevin develop a seductive passion for one another, elevating their previously platonic kinship into a sexual relationship. This leaves Bram stretched between following his heart’s true calling and the life that has been arranged for him by his family.

Mixed Kebab




Mixed Kebab packs a lot into just under 100 minutes, telling an interesting story, full of complex emotions.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“Writer and director Guy Lee Thys delight in reworking the arranged marriage scenario, along the way acutely illustrating the pressures to succumb to social and religious conformity, against the call of one’s heart.”
Gay Celluloid

“Belgian writer-helmer Guy Lee Thys’ film recalls “My Beautiful Laundrette” in its busy agenda of seriocomic culture-clashing issues.”

Did You Know?

Writer and director Guy Lee Thys has been active in the film industry for over 35 years. However, Thys’ first creative work was a book he authored, entitled De Potloodmoorden. His novel soon became his first film production (translated to The Pencil Murders), which was released in 1982. Mixed Kebab is his latest work to date, released 30 years after his first film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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