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Tobias (Udo Lutz) is a carefree philosophy student who loves to party. His older boyfriend, Ernst (Frank Christian Marx) is a banker who is seemingly much more mature and reliable, but also less enthusiastic about life. The two have a solid, heartfelt connection and great chemistry whenever they hang out. However, their values are often not aligned with each other, which makes it difficult to make long-lasting decisions together. The couple is finally ready to take their relationship to the next level, but this kind of commitment brings about its own challenges and doubts.

Ernst feels alienated as he is new in Berlin and does not have any friends or even acquaintances other than those whom he met through his partner. The young man is relieved to run into his long lost school mate, Uta (Alexandra Starnitzky). The latter is very self-centered and arrogant, always ready to snap at those around her and throw in an unnecessarily rude comment. Although she is puffed up and surly, she is also Ernst’s only real connection in the city. The two begin spending more and more time together, as the young banker’s feelings for his lover start to dwindle. What he does not yet know is that Uta has an ulterior motive – she wants to break up her friend’s relationship. She threatens Tobi with a nutcracker and gives him a week to ditch Ernst.

Men To Kiss




Men To Kiss is a romantic comedy that’s a fun farce.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“A gay love story, showcasing the lengths that one man will go to keep the love of his life.”
   Gay Celluloid

“A universal tale of love, friendship and loyalty — and knowing when it’s time to fight dirty.”
Star Observer

Did You Know?

Unlike other queer cinema projects, Robert Hasfogel wanted to make sure that Men To Kiss (Männer zum Knutschen) does not venture too deep (or at all) into the realm of LGBT politics and rights. The motion picture has had a better reception from non-gay audiences, particularly in Germany. It won the Audience Award for Best Film at Fairytale Filmfest, Calgary, and Best Film at 2012 Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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