Gay Essential Documentaries To Watch, Madonna: Truth or Dare (In Bed with Madonna)

Madonna: Truth Or Dare weaves the personal lives of the group of gay dancers who form part of Madonna’s tour entourage into the documentary. This inclusion has earned the pop star the label of gay activist at a time when gay Americans bore the brunt of open hostility in society.

Madonna: Truth or Dare begins with the star in her hotel room the day after the concluding show in Nice. In a voice-over commentary, Madonna discloses her feelings on the ending of the tour. Viewers are then taken to April in Japan, in a flashback, where the tour starts and where a number of challenges such as the cold and wet weather conditions and sound problems have to be dealt with.  When back on home ground, Madonna meets with her dancers’ loved ones and has a phone conversation with her father, Silvio “Tony” Ciccone. A number of notable Hollywood stars make appearances in the film. These include Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, Mandy Patinkin, Olivia Newton-John, Kevin Costner, Antonio Banderas and Sandra Bernhard.

The film offers an intimate insider’s look into the world of Madonna. Rain-washed Japan, possible arrest for ‘public indecency’, birthday tribute to the star’s father, prayer circles, bed games, sound problems, technical problems all blend together to give the film its colour and shape. The documentary is shot in black and white with only concert visuals shown in spectacular colour.

Madonna: Truth Or Dare




“It’s as close to a memoir as Madonna has ever gotten, and it’s brilliantly fitting that the music video master stuck with the trusted audio-visual format that catapulted her to success. Why write when you can be?”

“It’s the most revealing and outrageously funny piece of pop demythologizing since D.A. Pennebaker blew the hype off Bob Dylan’s 1965 English concert tour in Don’t Look Back.”
  Rolling Stone  

“Unlike most rock documentaries, the real heart of this film is backstage, and the onstage musical segments, while effectively produced, seem obligatory – they’re not the reason she wanted to make this film.”
  Roger Ebert 

Did You Know?

Madonna: Truth Or Dare offers a glimpse into the Blond Ambition tour which was the singing sensation’s foremost tour during the 1990s. The world tour which began on 13 April 1990 in Mukuhari, Japan and ended on 5 August in Nice, France spanned 27 cities.  Originally David Fincher was chosen as director but he later cancelled. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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